Transition Planning

Peak Practice Transitions’ uses a customized process that analyzes more than twenty value components which contribute significant impact on the value of your practice. These are the factors that sophisticated buyers evaluate when determining whether or not to buy the practice. 

After determining the current value of the practice, each value component is analyzed in terms of its impact on the current and future valuation. We then prioritize the importance of each component based on the owner’s personal goals and objectives. This consultative process allows Peak to identify those value enhancement opportunities that will have the greatest impact on the practice value.

The Maximum Value Plan involves five-steps:

  •     Clarify and prioritize the practice owner’s goals and objectives

  •     Determine the current value of the practice

  •     Analyze all value component and drivers for the current market
  •     Develop a plan to continue strengths and address weaknesses in the timeframe of the owner.
  •     Establish and monitor metrics on a timeframe customized to the practice owners needs.

Peak’s team of consultants has a broad level of experience in the sales and valuations of healthcare practices. We will develop a plan for the owner to maximize the value of their practice for when the time is right to sell.